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Welcome to Therapy in mind



Embarking on this journey can feel overwhelming, and knowing where to begin is often the hardest part. Whatever has led you here, taking this step is significant. I provide a warm, non-judgmental, and confidential environment where we can delve into and navigate challenging emotions and thoughts together. 

What is Psychodynamic counselling and is it right for me?​

Psychodynamic counselling is like diving deep into your thoughts and feelings to understand why you might be feeling or acting a certain way. It's all about exploring your past experiences, especially the ones you might not even realize are affecting you today. If you're someone who wants to understand yourself better and why you do the things you do, psychodynamic counselling could be a good fit. It's not just about solving immediate problems, but about uncovering deeper patterns and gaining insight into yourself. So, if you're open to exploring your past and how it might be influencing your present, psychodynamic counselling could be a helpful journey for you.

Contact me if this sounds right for you.


Online sessions

Online sessions are available and can be arranged if face to face is difficult to commit to due to distance or otherwise. 

Therapy session

Face to face

All in-person sessions are carried out in a modern, comfortable and confidential therapy room in the heart of Enfield Town. It is easy to get to, via all modes of transport.

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